Built on the Corniche coast road in Marseille and located in the heart of the Roucas Blanc area, Villa Santa Lucia is a property dating from the 19th century.

Listed as historical monuments, the house and its spacious garden present remarkable 19th century architecture and decors of rocaille (rustic ornamental artificial rockwork), with grottos, cascades, greenhouse, gazebo, gallery, Christmas crib, castle, cool rooms with frescoes, etc.

The house located on the upper part of the site is built of white stone and includes several outbuildings.

The garden with its "extensive rocaille theatre spread over seven levels is particularly representative of the work of Marseille rocaille artists of the 1900s."

The first significant developments as a real pleasure garden were carried out in the 1890s during the construction of the numerous ornamental rocaille works by Gaspard Gardini, including summer houses, grottos with pools, stairways, passages under arcades, cascades, etc.

In the 1970s, the garden was rearranged under the guidance of Tobie Loup de Viane, a famous Parisian landscape designer of the time, who redesigned the range of plants and the general architecture.



Today, it is a veritable botanical garden composed of century-old pines and a collection of Mediterranean and subtropical plants bringing together many species, including many rare varieties.

The most significant collections include palm trees, citrus trees, succulent plants and remarkable trees, as well as fragrant and exotic plants. The garden has become a veritable plant conservatory in a rocaille showcase.

The villa, protected from the northerly Mistral wind, enjoys exposure to the sunlight throughout the day, hence its name "Santa Lucia" which comes from the Latin "lux", meaning "light".

This unique and exceptional site, with its garden and its terraces on several levels reaching down to the sea, offers an extraordinary view of the sea, the islands, the houses and the hills of Marseille.


The very large upper terraces bordered by stone balusters extend across the width of the property and overlook the entire garden. They can accommodate a sit-down dinner for 40 people or a cocktail reception for 150 people.


The Galerie des 7 Grottes (Gallery of 7 Grottos) can accommodate a cocktail reception for 150 people.


The large lawn surrounded by lush vegetation can accommodate a sit-down dinner for 100 people or a cocktail reception for 200 people.